1. Ask the coach what you can do to help the team. 

This is probably one of the most important things you can do, because it shows you are committed to do whatever it takes to help the team succeed. If you put the team in front of your personal goals, you will be a player that all coaches and teammates love to have. 

At the end of the season, remember to ask the coach what you need to work on during the off-season to contribute to the team the following year. 


2. Play to your strengths.

Not everybody can be the scorer, so do what you’re good at. If you try to do things that you are not good at it, you’ll find yourself on the bench. If you’re great at rebounding and playing defense, do those things when you’re on the court. Do what you can do, not what you can’t do. Strengthen your strengths and work on your weaknesses in practice. 

Players have made millions of dollars playing according to this philosophy. Can you say Ben Wallace or Kyle Korver? 

3. Always hustle and work hard. 

Besides helping you improve, a coach will notice this and pick you above somebody else who may not work as hard. Don’t be afraid to get your butt on the ground and dive after some loose balls. 

4. Take charges. 

When you take a charge, it provides a defensive stop, gets your team the ball, and puts an additional foul on the opposing team. Not to mention, it can affect the other team psychologically because they will be hesitant to drive the ball in fear of picking up another foul. 

5. Play tough defense. 

If you can shut down opposing players, it doesn’t matter if you can shoot or dribble. A coach will often find a reason to get you on the court. 

6. Always box out. 

Nothing will get you to the bench quicker than not boxing out. Coaches understand the importance of rebounding. If you do it well, you’ll rapidly increase your chances of playing. 

7. Take good shots. 

A good shot is an open shot that you can make a high-percentage of and nobody else on your team has a better scoring opportunity. If you take bad shots, you’ll be on the bench. 

8. Make the extra pass. 

Coaches love it when you make the extra pass. You will also find yourself getting more passes from your teammates, because they recognize and appreciate your unselfishness. Basketball is so much fun when played unselfishly. You also win a lot more games, too. 

Don’t be too unselfish. If you have a good shot, you can take it. 

9. Sprint to the front of the huddle. 

Any time you get in a huddle, always sprint to the front and make eye contact with the coach while he is talking. The coach will notice this and know that you care. 

10.Be a great teammate. 

 If your teammates like you, they will be more likely to play better with you. A coach may notice the chemistry and get you in the game. Why do you think teammates of Kevin Garnett play better? 

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Source: https://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/players/10-basketball-tips-playing-time.html