The name of the game is basketball, and everyone knows that putting the ball in the hoop is the way you get points. Good shooters are always in demand. Though there are several reasons why many players struggle with shooting, you can be a good shooter if you’re prepared to work at it.

If you’re serious about improving your shooting percentage, then follow these steps:

Step #1 – Understand that straightness and a high arc are the keys.

Controlling the straightness of your shot and having a relatively high arc on your shot are the factors that matter the most. The straighter your shot is in relation to the center of the rim from any angle to the basket, and the higher the arc from which it enters the rim area, the better chance there is that the ball will go in. It’s a matter of physics.

Step #2 – Find expert advice for mastering shooting fundamentals.

A straight shot with a good arc results from several key shooting fundamentals and attitudes that are known and can be learned and practiced. You will find plenty of detailed information on these fundamentals and attitudes in various places on our website, including an entire ebook devoted to jump shooting. Some of these fundamentals and attitudes are the following:

  • mechanics; such as grip, stance, elbow alignment, shot pocket, set point, target, release, and follow-through.
  • principles of shooting on the move
  • having confidence
  • being relaxed

Step #3 – Follow the practices for developing sound fundamentals.

Our materials cover definite drills and practices that address the development of all these fundamentals and attitudes. If you have a weak area, then use these drills and practices to improve your shot. Be prepared for some struggles while you attempt to adjust your current shot. In fact, save major changes for the off season.

Shooting better is within reach of anyone who devotes sufficient time to the developmental drills intended to build sound fundamentals leading to a straight shot with a high arc (and who cultivates a good mental approach).