Thapos is a youth sports game changer App. that offers a new way to manage communications and organization between athletes, parents, and coaches. The idea of Thapos was created by Srinivas Siddireddy living in California when he needed to manage his son’s soccer schedule and monitor his progress and performance. After searching the web, Srinivas couldn’t find one single tool that can organize and manage his son’s sports activities. This inspired him to create an application with a single goal in mind to help parents, athlete, coaches and their teams to communicate and organize their activities with simple clicks.

Over the past few months Thapos has seen great growth in new membership accounts, 2016 year to date new accounts are up digits.  This growth has come with minimum marketing activities, but mainly word of mouth.  “we are offering a great solution to the youth sports, whether the athletes, coaches or parents and people talk to each other’s  when they experience good solution” Srinivas said during an interview.   On Oct 1, 2016, a new Thapos application update was released to the public.  The new updates were developed based on users feedback.


In the new release, the Services Team added a paid premium option with many added services, in addition, Thapos still offer free membership plans to all of its audience.    Srinivas commented, “our development team is continuing to transform the youth sports and providing solutions to the players, coaches and parents”. Thapos’ plan is to continue the growth of its membership through digital and direct marketing over the coming months.  “Our plan by year-end to grow additional 25%, ” Srinivas said.

With Thapos  coaches can organize their teams’ schedules, players availabilities, provide instant communications with the teams and administrators. The application has social media integrations where a coach can build players’ profiles and share with scouts and potential universities. Coaches can view and maintain all of the team statistics and scores in one click.  Bill is a high school football coach from Toledo, OH after using Thapos for his son’s practice as a parent, he said  “I am a coach and after using this tool for my son, I am planning to use for my football team”

High school and college athletes use Thapos to manage their day to day activities and monitor their performance, progress, and statistics. It is a fun tool for players to share their games’ highlights with family and friends via social media. Players can build their own custom page and profile page to share with scouts and college athletics departments and scholarships program.  Steve is a high school student from Sarasota, FL said, “I Was looking for a website that can help me grow as an athlete and manage my schedule and my sport’s profile.”  After using Thapos app, Steve is very happy with his new app that he recommended for his teammates.

Parents have access to the kid’s scores and their team’s profile to monitor their progress and share highlights with others family members.

In addition to being a great tool for coaches and athletes, Thapos has a digital sports library with diverse collection of relevant and complete information for athletes who are looking to improve in their sport of choice, for  beginners and experienced athletes, Here athletes can find lots of information that they can use to train, improve, test and track progress that will improve their skills and performance and reach their full potential.

Thapos has a search engine for all local, regional and national sports-related entities, clubs, leagues, athlete and more.  You can find news and information on your local high school or find out more about the NBA for example.  Also, this is a great tool to find jobs opening that is published on the clubs’ websites.