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What Skills Does It Take To Be A Successful Wrestler?

When it comes to pro wrestling there are multiple skills that are needed to be successful. Some of these skills are physical skills while others intangible skills. In this article we are going to give some of the skills that… Continue Reading →

How to Manage Youth Soccer Parent Expectations?

A healthy and open relationship between players, coaches, and parents is critical for the success of any youth soccer team! The focus of youth soccer is not only to watch children learn and grow in both the sport and life,… Continue Reading →

How to Manage Weight for Sports in Healthy Way?

Sometimes an athlete needs to trim a few pounds to get ready for competition, especially for sports such as rowing and wrestling which have weight classes. Cutting weight — or dramatic weight loss in a short period of time —… Continue Reading →

Get Played: How to get into Rugby League?

You can always try other shorter noncontact forms of the game if you don’t initially fancy the full on physical challenge. Always wear protection When playing the full contact version, you’ll want to give your body whatever protection is allowed…. Continue Reading →

How Old Should Kids Start Wrestling?

Getting your child into wrestling when he’s young has many advantages. According to Bill Campbell, author of the 2005 booklet “Parent’s Guide to Wrestling,” children who start wrestling will have a jump on the competition when things get serious around… Continue Reading →

How to Manage a Youth Sports Team?

When leading a sports team, the management of the sports team is the least fun aspect. Managers must balance their players needs, with their coach’s needs, and with league requirements. If you are managing a youth sports team, then the… Continue Reading →

How to Create Confidence in Hockey Players?

According to National Alliance for Youth Sports research, almost 70% of young athletes quit competitive sports by the time they hit their teenage years. Although the reasons range from the overall cost of athletics to a desire to try new… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Make Your Sports Website Stand Out

Must-have Sports Team Website Features Your sports website needs to stand out in a way that makes it easy for visitors to digest every bit of information within the first few seconds. They should have a good idea of what… Continue Reading →

6 Baseball Rules to Hit By

Ted Williams, the legendary baseball player who played for MLB for over 19 years and managed a batting average of .344, shares three hitting rules in his book ‘The Science of Hitting’. Abide by the rules and you are never… Continue Reading →

Passing Techniques in Volleyball

Volleyball passing is essential. The team that cannot pass the ball, cannot win the game. It is that simple. Passing the ball begins the play and allows a team to get the ball to its hitters to score points. Learning to pass should be… Continue Reading →

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